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The Sleeper Has Awakened

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 December 2017

Last Updated 17 December 2017

Motivational Moment - 

"The Sleeper Has Awakened!"


Duke Leto Atreides:  I’ll miss the sea, but a person needs some new experiences.  They jar something deep inside, allowing us to grow.  Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens.  The sleeper must awaken.




Paul Atreides:  Father…  Father…  The sleeper has awakened!



Jurgen Prochnow and Kyle MacLachlan in the 1984 version of “Dune”

To view clip one (1:23), click here

To view clip two (0:30), click here


Starting in the early stages of our lives, we strive to live up to a standard.  For some it’s in an academic setting, trying to earn the “A.”  For others, it’s about impressing a coach on a court or an athletic field.  And for nearly all of us, it’s about making our parents or someone we are extremely close to feel very proud of our accomplishments.


This approach seems to work well when we are young, inexperienced, and sheltered from the real world.  But somewhere along the line things change, and living up to someone’s expectations is not enough.  As we get older, there is usually some form of crisis where our world is turned upside down.  And, what we know no longer seems to work well anymore because we’re in a place we never imagined.  When asking for help or advice, no one seems to have clear answers or the time to help you solve the problem.  This is when we’re near rock bottom and are left with a choice:  Adapt to the challenge or become its next victim.


To respond to this crisis, something deep from within must come to the surface.  It’s lies asleep unless it is called.  It looks beyond rules or norms and possesses the creativity and boldness to redefine what is possible.  It’s sole purpose:  Rise to the occasion and defeat whatever is in its path.


This is the point in the journey where all other options are exhausted.  There is no other choice…  The sleeper must awaken!  Summon all that you have without care or comparison, remorse or regret!  The sleeper must awaken!  Experience the great awakening that eliminates the prison of human expectations.  The sleeper must awaken!  Fill the room with your kindness, your sincerity, your goodwill, and your inner strength to bring the best out of yourself and in all who are around you. 

The sleeper has awakened!!!


We are now on the other side of “dark optimism.”  While others were waiting for the light to come, we found a way to generate it from within.  Because we are tied into something greater than ourselves, we know it will be OK no matter how the story ends.


This week, be the light of hope that melts away the darkness. Inspire others to find that light from within, so the awakening of “what’s possible” sets others free.


More in the next section…

God Bless,


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This Week in Training –

“We Can Win!”



“For more than glory, such mad hope!  There it is…

Against Asia endless hordes, against all odds,

we can do it.  


We can hold the Hot Gates… 


We can win!”



Gerard Butler (with David Wenham narrating) in “300”

To watch video, click here



This Saturday’s 20-mile run represents the peak of marathon training.  Success starts by preparing for it.  It’s more than just thinking about the run.  It’s also about facing your greatest fears and building mental toughness.




The alarm goes off.  I look at the clock, and it reads 2:30am.  I’ve slept for nearly 5 hours, which should be sufficient for the run.  As I go downstairs, all of my clothes and items are laid out.  A sticky note with my essential to-do list is right next to my shirt, reminding me of what needs to be done while still being half asleep.  Drinking a cup of coffee, doing a long stretch, and placing a cooler of Gatorades in my car are among the key tasks.


It’s 4:00am, and I arrive at the starting point of my 20-mile run course.  I drive the planned route, stopping every 2 miles to drop off Gatorades.  They serve as mile markers and hydration points.  None have been opened, so if they are tampered with, I will know.

Now, I am back at the starting point.  It’s 4:45am and an important moment.  A handoff is about to occur where my left-brain, which seeks to categorize and control nearly everything, hands over “decision-making rights” to my right-brain which relies on adaptation.  The first choice coming from the right-brain:  Take the watch off.  Measuring a phenomenon disturbs it. It’s time to trust yourself completely and just run


I engage in a final round of stretching, holding movements not by counting but by feeling.  Once I complete the stretching, I walk to the edge of the starting point and take my first step. Pose-Fall-Pull.  These are the verbal cues for proper running form.


The first 2 minutes are painful.  Knees are achy.  Hips are tight.  Even my lower back sends signals of strain.  Fears mount.  The good news is that I have optimism.  Months of training have taught me how to work through the initial discomfort by striving for perfect form and steady cadence.  After 20 minutes, the pain seems reduced.  By 40 minutes, I still have a few lingering strains.  These strains will be with me the rest of the run and must be respected. 


So what do I do for the next 3 hours?  Believe it or not, the run is going to be just fine.  It will end when it ends.  Instead, my focus is to utilize the time for deep reflection.  From the darkest corners of my subconscious, I attempt to recall my greatest fears and failures.  My rationale is simple.  Growing mental toughness requires a continuous effort toward mastering fear and becoming better.  Many fears are easily reconciled once I get through some of the initial shock of the memory.  Others require a list of actions to take in order to improve or seek reconciliation for a wrong-doing.  However, once in awhile, I encounter a very powerful and somewhat paralyzing emotion that requires a special kind of attention, skill, and mindset.  Simply put, a dragon has emerged.


More in the next section…


Here is this week’s workout plan.

Monday:  Swim; Core Strength 1

Tuesday:  5 Mile Run; Core Strength 2

Wednesday:  10 Mile Run; Core Strength 1

Thursday:  5 Mile Run; Core Strength 2

Friday:  Swim; Long Stretch

*Saturday: 20 Mile Run (Last Long Run)
Sunday:  Sports with Girls; Long Stretch 



*Core Strength 1 focus on chin-ups, pushups, planks, lower back/abs

**Core Strength 2 focuses on squats, hip strengthening, and stretching
***Questions: Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      


The Transformation Challenge
“Slay the Dragon!”

Paul Atreides:  Try staring into that place you dare not look.  You’ll find me staring back at you.



Reverend Mother:  You mustn’t speak…



Paul Atreides:  Silence!!! (Reverend Mother falls from the voice)



Paul Atreides:  I remember your Gom Jabbar.  Now, you’ll remember mine.  I can kill with a word.




Paul Atreides reclaiming Arakis in “Dune”

To view, click here



For this week’s transformational challenge, we will look inwardly where many dare not look.  We’re going to apply an approach for how to “slay the dragon” within us.  I can’t promise it will work for everyone.  But, I can share what works for me.  The assumption is that you have completed all previous transformational challenges up to this point.


A dragon lives in a very illusive part of us that is beyond rational thinking.  It’s often birthed within the mind from a traumatic event, making it unpredictable and irrational.  If it truly were a creature, it knows you well enough to push whatever button it needs to feed off of your fears, regrets, guilt, and sins.  Sometimes they can grow to be so powerful, they become deadly!  


This week, I want you to confront your “dragon."  Grapple with it.  Dance with it.  Get it comfortable.  Let it temporarily feel like it can win.  Then, using all of your developed skills, insights, and spiritual strength, flip it on its back and ask the most powerful 3-letter word that exposes it to your light.  Ask “Why?”  Then, say out loud the first thing that comes to mind.  Keep asking ‘why’ as many times as required until you are exhausted or the dragon’s ability to emotionally jolt you subsides.


Here is very important next step.  You’re going to need your left-brain to take the lead on this.  At your first opportunity, write down the fundamental issue and reasons why it bothers you. You’ll likely breakdown a bit and that’s OK.  But try to be clinical about it.  Act as if you are doing an autopsy.  You need to get into the details and extract the threads truth woven in the irrationality.  These truths along with the distortions give the dragon its power.  Take these truths back and leave the rest!  Otherwise, the dragon will come back to full strength.


Now as a final step, ask yourself, “What did I learn?  What can I do next?”  Your details will be different, but I fundamentally believe you will feel the need to act worthy of the peace you’ve received and create good in the world.  This is a reflection of your best self, unleashed.


You can do this.  Slay your dragon!  Engage a single dragon multiple times until its influence is gone.  Slay multiple dragons, if needed, to regain an inner peace.  Get help if you need it from trusted family/friends, your place of worship, and/or professionals.


Once slaying your first dragon, you will be well on your way to creating a positive future as an eternal force for good.




Songs from iPod to Ignite Spirit

    "The Final Countdown" - Europe
    "The Miracle" - Queen

    "Through the Night" - Cyndi Lauper (Spanish Subtitles)

    "Dreams (Featuring Blue Angels)" - Van Halen
    "Happy" - Pharrell Williams