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Never Quit! Right, Daddy?

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 December 2017

Last Updated 17 December 2017

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Motivational Message: 

“Never Quit!  Right, Daddy?”

I can’t get any stronger.  I can’t climb any higher

You’ll never know just how hard I’ve tried


Cry a little longer and hold a little tighter

Emotions can’t be satisfied


You look up at me

And somewhere in you mind you still see…


A man I’ll never have to be!



Boston singing, “Man I’ll Never Be” (Live 1978)

To watch music video, click here

With so much time spent running, my mind becomes flooded with past memories and experiences.  Here’s one that best illustrates the reason why I continue to push myself to take the next step:


It’s the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon.  There are over 35,000 race participants, many of them representing charities, individual loved ones deployed overseas or who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.  Still others represent “profiles in courage” who seek to defy the odds and complete the 26.2 mile race even with missing limbs.


I finish the first 11 miles and am now dealing with 3 major challenges:  Dehydration, a tightening hamstring, and feelings of extreme sorrow.  As bad as the first two challenges are, they’re expected.  What I did not expect is being so choked up from seeing others around me carrying American flags, struggling with their wheelchairs, and trying to run with prosthetic limbs.  Moms and Dads are running for their children who have cancer, autism, and many other disabilities.  Grieving loved ones who lost their husbands, their wives, and other family members on 9/11.  Countless others who are wearing “In Memory of … T-Shirts honoring those who were killed fighting the War on Terror.  I am literally crying and running at the same time during parts of the race.


Approaching Mile 17, I have very little focus, energy, and hope left.  With pain in both sides of my mid-to-lower back, I can’t decide if it’s muscle cramps or the initial signs of kidney stones.  Suddenly, I come to a huge surprise.  I see my brother-in-law (Greg) near a water station.  He screams out my name, and I am fortunate enough to hear him.  Immediately using his cell phone, he calls Gina (my wife) who is about 200 meters down the road.


I see Gina, her parents, and two of my girls (Elizabeth and Lauren) holding up signs, encouraging me not to give up.  The signs that they made say, “Go, Pat Go!  Super Daddy!!!” with a picture of Superman on it.  It’s an inside joke Gina is playing on me because she knows he is my favorite superhero (Truth, Justice, and the American Way), and I occasionally wear a Superman T-Shirt when I go to workout. When I get close to them, my daughters (3 and 4 years old at the time) run up to me and give me a hug.  Then Elizabeth says,


“Never quit!  Right, Daddy?  Never quit???”


Both of my girls are looking up to me, waiting for my response.  Through the tears in my eyes I nod and smile.  In a very stern and confident voice I respond with, “You damn right, girls.  Never quit!”  In my mind I thought, “This is why we’re here.  I want to introduce my girls to those in society who give everything toward what they believe in and who refuse to give up.


At that moment I am not sure how I am going to finish.  I just know that I have to.  With a great deal of luck, Gina is able to contact my roommate from West Point (Mark Taylor) who is a mile ahead of me on the course.  We meet up at the Mile 18 marker, and he helps me through the rest of the race.  Because of him and everyone else that day, I am able to stand proudly at the Iwo Jima Memorial Monument with my marathon finisher medal, a better man than when I first started.


What I am pulling from this memory is that when you are convinced that you’ve reached your limit, tie into the reason why that is bigger than you.  In my case, the idea of teaching my daughters the wrong lesson was worse than dying.  Once experiencing that, I changed the narrative in my mind from the man I’ll “never” be to the man I “have” to be.


Hope this helps.  More in the next section…

God Bless,


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This Week in Training –

“Don't Ever Give Up!”



“You tell everyone or anyone that has ever doubted,

thought they did not measure up, or wanted to quit. 

You tell them:


Look up!  Get up! 
And don’t ever give up!


Thank you!  And may God bless you…



Michael Irving - NFL Hall of Fame Speech

“Must watch” video (1:29), click here  


Last Saturday marked the end of a challenging week to include a final 18-mile run over very hilly terrain.  The final run in particular was an exercise in patience, mental toughness, and deep reflection.  The primary message:


“Love your family with every fiber of your soul.

That is your path for knowing me.”

I know in my heart I am placed here to both protect and inspire my family. I must continue to dedicate my life to showing them what is possible in this life and beyond.


Less than 5 weeks until race day!  I’m excited because all that I’ve intended to write will be written.  All of the lessons given to me a few years ago will be shared.  A promise I made to God will be kept.


Here is this week’s workout plan.

Monday:  Swim; Core Strength 1

Tuesday:  5 Mile Run; Core Strength 2

Wednesday:  9 Mile Run; Core Strength 1

Thursday:  5 Mile Run; Core Strength 2

Friday:  Swim; Long Stretch

Saturday: 14 Mile Run
Sunday:  Sports with Girls; Long Stretch 



*Core Strength 1 focus on chin-ups, pushups, planks, lower back/abs

**Core Strength 2 focuses on squats, hip strengthening, and stretching
***Questions: Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      


The Transformation Challenge
“Surrender and Become More”

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman,

If I’m alive and well, will you be there holding my hand,

I’ll keep you by my side with my super human might,





3 Doors Down singing ”Kryptonite”

To view, click here



This week’s transformational challenge requires an act of serenity that those, including myself, are not accustomed to. To achieve your full potential, surrender all of your worldly ambitions and serve God only.  It’s an essential step for sustaining yourself for the road ahead.   


Serving God only simply means living your purpose in whatever reality that is in front of you.  Don’t make it complicated.  Simply use your gifts where your can make the most impact.  Continuously adapt by learning new skills as required.  Listen to your conscience to receive other “missions” that will help you grow. 


By making it this far in your transformational challenges, you know who you are.  You know what skills you have.  Now, it’s time to let go of what you should not try to control.  Knowing your purpose and accepting God’s will are two very different things. 


Allow your priorities, motivations, and strength to come from eternity.  Believe it or not, you’re not losing anything of value. You’re actually becoming much more.


Sounds crazy?  Have faith.







"The Riddle" by Five for Fighting - Thank You, Julia!