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Superpower #1: How to Save a Life

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 December 2017

Last Updated 17 December 2017

Motivational Moment - 

"How to Save a Life"


“Step one, you say we need to talk,

He walks. You say sit. It’s just a talk.

He smiles politely back at you.

You stare politely right on through.


Some sort of window to your right,

As he goes left, you stay right.

Between the lines of fear and blame,

And you begin to wonder why you came…


Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend,

Somewhere along in the bitterness.

And I would have stayed up with you all night,

Had I known how to save a life…



The Fray singing “How to Save a Life”

To watch video, click here



This week, we reach an important milestone in our “Hero’s Journey.” We’ve clarified our beliefs, values, and skills. We’ve learned the value of creating an action plan that is powered by love and driven by compassion. Now, it’s time to introduce our 3 super powers. They are “super” not because of what it takes to use them. Anyone can! What makes them super is the impact it has on others. The first and most important super power of all is “How to Save a Life.”


To save a life, one has to be prepared to partner with someone, help them find their way to safety, and support their healing through acts kindness and love. One way is to help someone proactively address problems as a mentor or coach. Another way is to prepare for those unexpected events that may require skills in mediation, first aid, or even self-defense.


Saving a life requires enormous amounts of love, kindness, and patience. It also demands a great deal of empathy, faith, forgiveness, and perhaps surrender. To engage others in this way can be draining. But, more times than not, I’ve seen how these uniquely human qualities can tip the scale in a positive direction. Sometimes it’s through sustained engagement by loved ones. Other times it's a random act of kindness from a stranger that reminds us that good remains in the world. Regardless of source or duration, it’s nothing short of a miracle. The positive results would not happen without the intervention.


Don’t underestimate our power to heal. Take a chance. Allow yourself to believe. Get the skills you need to be successful. And most of all…


Know that you can save a life.


God Bless,


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This Week in Training –

“Take Time to Mentor”



Richmond High only graduates 50% of its students.

And of those that do graduate, only 6% go to college.

Which tells me when I walk down these hallways

and look into the classrooms, maybe

only 1 student is going to go to college.


‘But damn, Coach Carter, if I’m not going to college,

where am I gonna to go?’ Now that’s a great question!

And the answer for young African American men

in here is this: Probably to prison.


In this county, 33% of black males

between 18 and 24 get arrested.

So, look at the guy to your left.

Now, look at the guy on right.

One of you is going to get arrested.

Growing up here in Richmond, you are

80% more likely to go prison instead of college.

Those are the numbers.

Those are some stats for your ass…


Now, I want you to go home and

look at your lives tonight.

Look at your parent’s lives and ask yourselves,

‘Do I want better?’ If the answer is yes,

I’ll see you here tomorrow. And I promise you,

I will do everything in my power

to get you to college and to a better life.



Samuel L. Jackson as “Coach Carter”

To view movie clip, click here



Sports provided me a framework for how to be successful in life. But I was not always athletic. It was not until I entered 7th grade that I met Coach Roff who saw something in me that I could not. He introduced me to a world where if you work hard, know the rules and your competition, and channel your passion appropriately, you will learn how to win. Coach Roff gave me two things: The idea that I could get more out of life and a “playbook” for how to be successful with integrity and class.


Being a mentor is one of the most powerful ways one can save a life. Whether training for triathlon, doing well professionally, or striving for some other goal, you have unique skills and experiences that can be shared with others. Please take some time this week to think about how to share some of your insights.

One of the major problems today is that we don’t have enough people teaching our youth to want more and work really hard to achieve their dreams. We can do something about that.


Here is this week’s workout plan.


Monday: Swim 10 x 100m; Run 5 x 400m; Core Strength 1

Tuesday: Bike 60 min; Run 50 min; Core Strength 2

Wednesday: Bike 90 min; Core Strength 1

Thursday: Swim 2 x 500m; Bike 45 min; Core Strength 2

Friday: Run 9 miles; Core Strength 1

Saturday: Bike 2 hr; Core Strength 2
Sunday: Long Stretch; Sports with Daughters    


*Core Strength 1 focus on chin-ups, pushups, planks, lower back/abs

**Core Strength 2 focuses on squats, hip strengthening, and stretching
***Questions: Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      


The Transformation Challenge
“Angels in the Flesh”

If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, its important to act fast. To save a life is easier than you might think. Just start hands only CPR.



American Heart Association – Hands Only CPR

For the 1-minute instruction video, click here



This week’s Transformational Challenge has two parts. First, watch the above one-minute video for “Hands Only CPR.” Then, find a class that offers the CPR and AED training within your community. The class is ~2 hours (the time it takes to go to the movies) and will teach you the essentials for how to assist someone during those crucial first moments until first responders can arrive.


For the second part of this week’s challenge, please watch this short video titled, "The Man in the Red Bandana." There are so many lessons that I received from this story to include that maybe angels do live among us in the flesh. No one tells them. Part of their journey is discovering who they are and inspiring all of us to be better.