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Test Your Limits

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 December 2017

Last Updated 17 December 2017

Motivational Moment - 

"Test Your Limits"

CG Pilot 1: This is Coast Guard 65-10. We’re going to make one more pass, then we got to get out of here.


CG Pilot 2: Wait! Wait! Wait! I got some guys on the helipad.


CG Pilot 1: Get that last guy loaded. We have got to go!!


CG Pilot 2: Hey, let’s go! What are you doing???



--Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, finding his purpose

in the movie “Man of Steel”

To see video, click here



So, are you ready to climb oil rigs, walk through fire, and hold back tons of steel on a collapsing platform? Yeah, me neither. The good news is that to be a hero you don’t have to. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you one of the great stories about Jay Leno.


It was the week after the September 11th terrorist attacks when the first “Tonight Show” aired since the horrific events of that day. Visibly humbled, Jay Leno started his show with an initial monologue. He first explained that he felt what he did for a living was completely ridiculous and irrelevant after witnessing the first responders and volunteers digging through the rubble at Ground Zero looking for survivors. Then, he began telling a story of when he was a Boy Scout growing up in Massachusetts. He wasn't a good scout, didn't get very many merit badges, but the Scout Master appointed him the troop's "Cheer Master."  If another scout was sad or depressed, his job was to go cheer them up. Leno thought, "I could do that!" It certainly wasn't the most important job, but it enabled him to use his gifts and talents just when they were needed.


A lot of people watching that night were extremely grateful for Jay Leno and that Scout Master. A “Cheer Master” was exactly what the country needed at that moment and no one else could fill that void like Jay Leno could.


Being a hero is not complicated. A hero is simply a person who is willing to use their gifts like no one else can to help others. Take the time to assess all of your gifts and talents this week. Then, test your limits! Discover strengths you never knew you had. Be ready to be the hero you are meant to be.

God Bless,


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This Week in Training –

“Be a Good Man (or Woman)”

“Whatever happens tomorrow,

you must promise me one thing.

That you stay who you are…


Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”



Scientist Abraham Erskine speaking to Steve Rogers

in “Captain America – The First Avenger”

To view video, click here



By now, the 3 sports of triathlon (swim, bike, run) should be familiar to you. But like life, triathlon is complex. There are so many things to think about, so many opportunities where one can improve.


This week, think about selecting the areas you want streamline of all unnecessary movements. The videos from previous weeks can help. Also, Google is fantastic for researching specific questions. Your focus now is to mentally strengthen control of your body during every movement to efficiently reach your goal. Fatigue and simply “trying hard” is no longer the primary measure of progress.


But more than that, I want you to start blending the 3 sections of these notes together. The way I’ve structured the program is that people motivated by a great sense of love and compassion for others will feel a pull to continue. Those motivated by other things will washout. If you’re reading this now, whether training for a triathlon or due to simple curiosity, you’ve made the cut. You’re one of us. Apply these transferable lessons on whatever journey you are on.


To close, go into this week focusing all of your “grit” and “will” on improving your skills for longer periods of time. Strive to be better, not perfect. Trust the process for growing, but stay who you are deep down inside.


Here is this week’s workout plan.


Monday: Swim 10 x 100m; Run 5 x Hills; Core Strength 1

Tuesday: Bike 60 min; Run 50 min; Core Strength 2

Wednesday: Bike 90 min; Core Strength 1

Thursday: Swim 2 x 500m; Bike 45 min; Core Strength 2

Friday: Swim 20x 50m; Bike 2 hr; Core Strength 1

Saturday: Run 9 miles; Core Strength 2
Sunday: Long Stretch; Sports with Daughters     


*Core Strength 1 focus on chin-ups, pushups, planks, lower back/abs

**Core Strength 2 focuses on squats, hip strengthening, and stretching
***Questions: Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      


The Transformation Challenge
“Amplify the Good”

Well, you wonder why I always dress in black,

Why you never see bright colors on my back,

And why does my appearance seem to have somber tone.

Well there’s a reason for the things that I have on…



Johnny Cash singing “The Man in Black”

For full context, click here



For this week’s transformational challenge, our goal is to amplify the good within us. Make a list of all of the things you want to do in your lifetime to bring help, joy, and relief into this world. Then, think about the manner in which you can see yourself doing it.


Personally, I started building this list focusing on my immediate family, then worked outward. But it’s your calling! It’s your heart that you need to listen to and trust above all else. Let your sense of compassion and love for others direct you for how to proceed.


This list is something that should take a lifetime to achieve. You should revisit it from time-to-time to check a few things off and perhaps add a few other items on. But don’t wait for the perfect time to begin. Start building this list and taking action today.  Help those who can't help themselves.