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The Hero's Journey - Are You In or Out?

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 December 2017

Last Updated 17 December 2017

Motivational Moment - 

"Are You In or Out?"

“Nature is smarter than people think.
Little by little, we lose our friends. We lose everything.  
We keep losin' and losin' til we say, you know,

'Oh, what the hell am I livin' around here for?   
I got no reason to go on...'

But with you kid, boy, I got a reason to go on.
And I'm gonna stay alive, and I will watch you make good.
And I’ll never leave you until that happens.

Is that OK?”


Flashback of Mickey (Rocky’s Trainer) in “Rocky V
To watch video, click here



For those on the fence in starting your “Hero’s Journey” here’s something to consider. What do you have to lose? From my standpoint, you have everything to gain by doing something like this.

What you may not realize is that your decision to either be “in” or “out” is much bigger than you. By doing something like this, you could be inspiring a young person watching to strive for something larger than they thought possible. Or perhaps, you can be giving an older person, who has the benefit of wisdom, an opportunity to help the next generation by investing in you. Either way, I can tell you from personal experience that a light more powerful than you realize will shine from within as you progress. Before long, people will notice it, and you’ll proudly talk about what you did to get your spark back, so they too can be free.

If you go on this journey, I promise that you will not be alone. Each week, as you work hard and struggle, I’ll be sending these short Freedom’s Light messages to you. And, just when you think you’ve had enough and can’t go on, my notes will be there like Mickey, telling you,

Get up you son-of-bitch!!  Because God loves you!”

Now, get yourself ready!  We start Monday…


More guidance in the next section…


God Bless,


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This Week in Training –

“Customize Your Training Plan”

To beat this guy, you need speed – you don’t have it. And your knees can’t take the pounding, so hard running is out. And, you got arthritis in your neck, and you’ve got calcium deposits on most of your joints, so sparring is out.


Paulie: I had that problem.


Duke: So, what we’ll be calling on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, pile-driving punches that will have to hurt so much they’ll rattle his ancestors. Every time you hit him with a shot, it’s gotta feel like he tried kissing the express train. Yeah! Let’s start building some hurtin’ bombs!



Tony Burton and Burt Young in “Balboa”

To view video, click here


You decided, didn’t you? Nice… Here’s the next step on your journey.


Grab a sheet of paper and create 3 columns. Title the first column “Past Injuries,” the middle column “Description,” and the last column “Actions.” Then, take inventory from your toes to the top of your head and develop a strategy for how to avoiding injuries. I started doing this a few years ago, and it made a world of difference.


Here’s why. Once upon a time, the advice I followed was geared for someone built more like a cheetah than a Clydesdale. The strain of those workouts compounded by past injuries lead to avoidable set-backs. This does not have to be you.


Accept who you are. Customize your training plan. Spend each day mastering how to use what you have to achieve your goals. In my case, I’ve developed a hybrid triathlon / marathon training program this year to get me to my destination. Anticipate ways to modify your plans based on circumstances.


Clearly, this is advice that can be used beyond fitness. Align this approach with a clear sense of purpose and you will go further than you can imagine in all aspects of your life.


More in the next section…   


The Transformation Challenge
“Everyone Has a Purpose”

“Right after my father died, I’d come up here a lot.

I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine.


Machines never come with any extra parts, you know.

They always come with the exact amount they need.

So, I figured, if the entire world was one big machine,

I couldn’t be an extra part.

I had to be here for some reason…


And that means you have to be here for some reason, too.”


Asa Butterfield as Hugo Cabret in “Hugo”

To watch video, click here


Let’s get you anchored. In 1-2 sentences, write your life’s purpose. We all have one! Most of us never take the time to identify it. Instead, we often let society tell us. Society is often wrong.


Not exactly sure what your purpose is anymore? That’s no excuse. Write something down today, anyway. Then, point all your plans and energy in that direction.


If your description is not perfect, the program tends to help you clarify it as we move forward. Each adjustment in the right direction provides a sense of focus, comfort, and relief.


Rest assured, you have a purpose. You were created for a reason.   The question is whether you choose to accept it or allow yourself to be someone you are not.



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