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"No Days Off"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018



“So, you say you want it as bad as you want to breathe?!!

Then, it’s show time… It’s examination time…”


--Eric Thomas (The “Hip Hop” Preacher) in “How Bad Do You Want It 2”

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OK, now that we are entering into the 3rd week of our journey, it is very likely that the adrenaline has started to wear off, your enthusiasm has faded, and you’re having second thoughts about setting such an ambitious goal for yourself. Before some of you quietly pack it in, I have a question for you… What did you think was going to happen at this point? Did you think creating some goals and a few days of focused effort was going to be enough?

To be successful, here’s what I want you to do next. Get angry. Get focused. Go back to those reasons why you are doing this. Remind yourself how important this is to you. Then, fully commit. Tell yourself, “NO DAYS OFF!” Everyday will be a step forward. We (you and me) will be constantly advancing, and we are not interested in clinging to all of the reasons holding us back.

Look, I know it’s hard. But don’t get “weak-kneed” or “spaghetti-spined” on me now. Combine a little love and anger and get passionate about being successful. Aim it all toward your purpose. In the next two sections, I begin to write more about how to best channel this passion in order to fight and win.

Keep reading, stay the course, and…

God Bless,



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Letters From Your Father –

“Train for Your Purpose”

“You have learned to bury your guilt with anger.

I will teach you to confront it and face the truth…”


You know how to fight 6 men.

We’ll teach you to engage 600…”


You know how to disappear.

We’ll teach you how to be truly invisible…”



Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul in “Batman Begins”

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Dear Girls:


There is a significant life event that I am trying to prepare you for through my notes. If it has not happened already, you will experience or witness a great injustice in your life that will resonate down to your core. In starting to prepare you for this moment, my job is to first strengthen your confidence and self-trust through achievement.

Since the early days of your childhood, your time has been filled with a wide range of activities to give you a solid foundation of skills to pull from. It started with a sense of academic rigor focusing on reading, mathematics, science, technical/creative writing, and foreign language for self-expression. Additionally, we placed a priority on building your physical and mental toughness through sports and other activities to experience the value of practice (discipline) and the raw leadership skills required to take action (will). Surrounding it all was your individual faith formation where we introduced you to God and provided some insights for how to build your own personal relationship with our Creator. With each passing year you made choices of what you liked to pursue, and we as parents tried to accommodate in order to safely fulfill your curiosity.

To this point, your experience is very similar to others. Here’s the difference. Many young adults like you go down the path of trying to fit into a common formula of “work hard, get good grades, and let society reward you for your efforts.” I want you to reject this notion completely. Instead, challenge yourself early to first answer the big question: What is my life’s purpose? By answering this question you will not simply be someone that “society” intends you to be. Instead, you will have the opportunity to fulfill God’s plans for being someone greater.

You maybe asking yourself, “But Dad, how do I even begin to answer such a big question?” Here’s a hint: Look inward. Spirit is our power source, not the matrix. That’s what makes us different.

As far as answering the question “correctly,” know that getting started is far more important then what you decide today. Life has a way of clarifying your purpose as you continue to move forward. And, once you are in motion, you begin to spontaneously adjust your life’s path to follow the call.

What I am challenging you to do is no picnic. It will take a lot of focus and energy to get started. Next week, we are going to spend time learning about spirit as your power source. This is a very necessary discussion because spirit acts as you moral compass and anchors you to what truly matters. To access spirit as a power source there are some things you must know, specifically on how to manage feelings of injustice and respond not with vengeance but with what is good and right.

Keep reading…

Love You Forever,





This Week in Training:
"Managing Your Anger"



“If you make yourself more than just a man.

If you devote yourself to an ideal,

and they can’t stop you,

then you become something else entirely.


Legend, Mr. Wayne… Legend”



Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul in “Batman Trilogy Trailer”

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During one time or another, we get outwardly angry. Quite frankly, I think nearly all of us have some anger building up inside. The question is, “What do you do with this anger?” Managed poorly, and it will consume you. Managed well, and it can be an extraordinary gift.


For the hero, managing anger well is easily understood: Anger combined with love generates passion. Sustained passion over time creates fire. And when that fire is guided by spirit, it yields a powerful light the melts away the darkness.  That is how we "own the night."


Seems simple. So, what stops us? In short, it’s our greatest fears. As we progress down our path all of our deepest fears about failure and even success will emerge.

Here’s the first step for mastering our fears. Go into this week accepting who you are as you go through each workout. No excuses. No regrets. Just complete an honest assessment for where you are at this point of the journey. Then, commit to using every day forward to get where you want to be.


This week’s workout is below:


Monday:         Swim 10 x 100m; Run 4 x 200m

Tuesday:       Bike 60 min; Run 45 min

Wednesday: Swim 5 x 400m; Bike 90 min

Thursday:     Swim Drills & 16 x 50m; Core strength training*

Friday:           Bike 2 hrs 30 min

Saturday:       Run 80 min

Sunday:        Pilates Stretch; Sports w/girls


*Core strength training includes chin-ups, push-ups, planks, rock wall climbing

**Stretch 30 min each day to “injury-proof” and avoid becoming “brittle”