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"The Sleeper Has Awakened!"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018



Duke Leto Atreides: I’ll miss the sea, but a person needs some new experiences. They jar something deep inside, allowing us to grow. Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.


Paul Atreides:
Father… Father… The sleeper has awakened!



Jurgen Prochnow and Kyle MacLachlan in the 1984 version of “Dune”

To view clip one (1:23), click here

To view clip two (0:30), click here


Starting in the early stages of our lives, we strive to live up to a standard. For some it’s in an academic setting, trying to earn the “A.” For others, it’s about impressing a coach on a court or an athletic field. And for nearly all of us, it’s about making our parents or someone we are extremely close to feel very proud of our accomplishments.


This approach seems to work well when we are young, inexperienced, and sheltered from the real world. But somewhere along the line things change, and living up to someone’s expectations is not enough. As we get older, there is usually some form of crisis where our world is turned upside down. And, what we know no longer seems to work well anymore because we’re in a place we've never imagined. When asking for help or advice, no one seems to have clear answers or the time to help you solve the problem. This is when we’re near rock bottom and are left with a choice: Adapt to the challenge or become its next victim.


To respond to this crisis, something deep from within must come to the surface. It’s lies asleep unless it is called. It looks beyond rules or norms and possesses the creativity and boldness to redefine what is possible. It’s sole purpose: Rise to the occasion and defeat whatever is in its path.


This is the point in the journey where all other options are exhausted. There is no other choice… The sleeper must awaken! Summon all that you have without care or comparison, remorse or regret! The sleeper must awaken! Experience the great awakening that eliminates the prison of human expectations. The sleeper must awaken! Fill the room with your kindness, your sincerity, your goodwill, and your inner strength to bring the best out of yourself and in all who are around you.

The sleeper has awakened!!!


We are now on the other side of “dark optimism.” While others were waiting for the light to come, we found a way to generate it from within. Because we are tied into something greater than ourselves, we know it will be OK no matter how the story ends.


This week, be the light of hope that melts away the darkness. Inspire others to find that light from within, so this awakening of what’s possible sets others free.


Keep going…


God Bless,





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Letters From Your Father –

Belief # 11: Decide Who You Want to Be. Then, Go Change the World!



Clark Kent (Age 9): The world’s too big, Mom.


Martha Kent: Then, make it small. Focus on my voice. Pretend it’s an island, out in the ocean. Can you see it?


Clark Kent (Age 9): I see it…




Jonathan Kent: You’re just have to decide what kind of man you want to be, Clark. Whoever that man is, he’s going to change the world…



From the movie, “Man of Steel”

To view trailer, click here


Dear Girls:


I want to start this week’s note by dispelling a common myth. Many people believe that your purpose in life simply finds you. To be blunt, I don't believe that for a second. You must dedicate time dreaming, searching, pursuing, and testing ideas over and over again before you can figure this out. It’s a process of matching what is right for your soul, yet practical in its delivery. Some people are lucky because they find it early. For others like me, it’s riddled in multiple failures until they can find their way.


But what if, after years of searching, there is no existing path that makes this alignment between soul and practice possible? What is a person supposed to do?!! Here’s my solution. Blaze a new path starting with you faith and core beliefs, then work outward.


To begin, quiet your mind and ask yourself, “What gives me peace?” I am not talking about just rest and relaxation. I mean the type of peace found with experiencing inner calm, strength, wisdom, and serenity. No phrase is perfect; just write one.


Next, look at all of the opportunities around you (personal and professional) that also have these same values. Select the best options that will allow this part of you to emerge.


Finally, go make an action plan. In 2006, I called it my “Superman Inventory” (reference: click here). At one of my toughest moments, I came up with enough courage to honestly compare who I was at that moment with who I wanted to be to live my purpose. Then, I created list of actions by category of things I needed to do in order to make this transformation happen.


Below is a top-line glimpse of my “Superman Inventory.” The purpose represents my moral compass and does not change. The mission and 5 objectives are flexible in some areas based on my life stage. Action plans (not seen here) change yearly. I start every morning with a daily task list in order to make the most of each second of the day and bring this plan to life. If something comes my way that is outside of my purpose, mission, and objectives, I generally dedicate the minimum energy required to those activities. This gives me more freedom to focus on what’s important.


Purpose: Be a force for good. Be one with God.


Mission: Do the most “good” possible for my family, service members, veterans, 9/11 victims, and patients in need. In 2013, take another major leap forward in reaching my potential by being physical fit, mentally tough, and morally straight. As a leader, seek to unify others and inspire.



      • Be a role model for healthy living and healthy choices for my family by focusing on physical fitness, academic rigor, spiritual growth, and maintaining a calm, supportive demeanor regardless of circumstances.


      • Partner with my Pfizer co-workers in order to help us make a difference to the people we serve. Remember that millions of patients are waiting. And, with certain diseases, many are counting on us to deliver a miracle.


      • Grow the Freedom’s Light Charity Program as a “force for good” that brings out the best in others. Each week, write journals for my daughters to read someday as a way to guide them throughout their lives.


      • Serve the community by designing and delivering multiple business and career development workshops as part of American Business Strategies. Be the bridge between timeless leadership principles and the technical skills needed to excel in the 21st century economy.


      • Never forget that my primary responsibility in my life is to my family. I will be the best husband I can be for Gina, the best father I can be for my daughters, and the best son/brother I can be for my parents, brother, and in-laws.  Additionally, be on-call for my two closest friends, Bill and Mark, for whenever they need me.


Reading this, it may seem very narrow and focused. To me, that’s the beauty of it. I give 100% each day because I believe in it! No set rules to follow that someone else created. No pressure trying to be someone I am not interested in being. Each day, I reflect upon my mistakes from the day before, pray for guidance, then go and try to be better! As long as I keep my integrity, not fear failure, and stay aligned with my purpose, it will all work itself out. When I sense a change of focus is needed, I just do it.


Decide who you want to be. Then, go change the world! The world may seem too big, so start with your family and closest friends. Focus on improving their world first. Expand your circle of influence when you feel you have been called to do so. But know this… The world needs you. Share you gifts. Stand for justice. Bring out the best in others!


I hope this note serves to set you free and be a light to the world.


Love You Forever,





This Week in Training:


All in all, I am very pleased on how training progressed last week. On the downside, I shortened a bike workout after a 2000 meter swim on Tuesday and ran only 8 of 12 miles on Friday because a blister was forming on my left foot from running in the rain. For all of the other workouts I saw a sharp increase in both speed and endurance. Also, my past injuries continue to be less noticeable with each passing day. What I was most pleased about was getting up early Saturday morning for a 4-hour bike ride followed by a 45 min run at West Point. The bike was challenging after the 3rd hour, but I did really well on the run.


To build room for this Sunday’s West Point Sprint Triathlon, I have to rearrange my training schedule this week. I will be less than 100% rested for this race; however, it should be a great way to test things out before the Westchester Toughman on September 8th.


Here’s this week’s workout plan:


Monday: Run 6 x 1 Mile Repeats (Hills); Swim 20 x 100m;

Tuesday: Run 14 miles (Track – Consistent Pace/Flawless Form)

Wednesday: Stretch; Core Strength Training

Thursday: Swim 2 x 1200m; Bike 2 hours

Friday: Bike 4 hours; Run 45 min

Saturday: Triathlon Training w/Girls; Stretch; Pack for Race

Sunday: WP Triathlon: 800m Swim / 13.6 mile Bike / 3.1 mile Run



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