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"No Days Off!"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018



“So, you say you want it as bad as you want to breathe?!!

Then, it’s show time… It’s examination time…”


--Eric Thomas (The “Hip Hop” Preacher) in “How Bad Do You Want It 2”

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OK, now that we are entering into the 3rd week of our journey, it is very likely that the adrenaline has started to wear off, your enthusiasm has faded, and you’re having second thoughts about setting such an ambitious goal for yourself. Before some of you quietly pack it in, I have a question for you… What did you think was going to happen at this point? Did you think creating some goals and a few days of focused effort was going to be enough?

To be successful, here’s what I want you to do next. Get angry. Get focused. Go back to those reasons why you are doing this. Remind yourself how important this is to you. Then, fully commit. Tell yourself, “NO DAYS OFF!” Everyday will be a step forward. We (you and me) will be constantly advancing, and we are not interested in clinging to all of the reasons holding us back.

Look, I know it’s hard. But don’t get “weak-kneed” or “spaghetti-spined” on me now. Combine a little love and anger and get passionate about being successful. Next week, I’ll write more about how to best channel this passion in order to fight and win.

Until then, stay the course and…

God Bless,





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Letters From Your Father –

Belief # 2: You Are Already Saved!



“Hey you, you’re a child in my head

You haven’t walked yet

Your first words have yet to be said

But I swear, you’ll be blessed…


And you, you’ll be blessed

You’ll have the best, I promise you that

I’ll pick a star from the sky

Pull your name from a hat


I promise you that

Promise you that,

Promise you that,


You’ll be blessed….


Sir Elton John singing “You’ll Be Blessed”

To listen and watch video, click here

Dear Girls:


I have a belief I want to share with you this week that is wildly optimistic and borders on revolutionary. Are you ready? Here it is:


The good news is that you are already saved!


What I am telling you is that you should not waste a single moment of your time imaging yourself in the shadow of imperfection wondering if you will be “good enough” to get into heaven. Instead, spend your life determining what you can do next to respect and honor the gift of everlasting life that has been given to you. The former perspective puts you into a position of desperation and makes you vulnerable to following something (a person, group, or a government) that does not have your best interest in mind. The latter view puts you into a position of strength and focuses you on one thing, continuing to be one with God.


Keep in mind, that for whatever reason, God made us imperfect. And sometimes we struggle with how to deal with this fact. Here’s my advice for cutting through the drama and staying on course for having a good life. Understand that “sin” is simply space between us and God. Our job is, as soon as we recognize this space exists, to push our ego to the side and quickly close the gap. We should immediately say we are sorry and commit to addressing any wrong we have done. Then, we should learn from our mistake and ask ourselves, “What will I do different tomorrow, so I can grow as a person?”


By living this way, you will save yourself an incredible amount of time and heartache. Also, amazing things will happen. It will be easier to see things for what they are and act accordingly. Your confidence and character will grow based on the strength of your personal integrity. Equally as important, the people around you will see you as trustworthy because you are a person who says what you mean and means what you say.


To close, I believe we are all alive long before we are every born. Your Mom and I dreamed of you, brought you here, and made a promise to guide you until your last day. I hope sharing these first two beliefs provides you insight on how to build your own “rock solid” foundation that all of your other beliefs rest on. If there is one truth I hope you are able to see, it is that you are truly blessed…


Hope you continue reading…


Love You Forever,





This Week in Training:




Last week during my bike-run workout, I started to experience some fatigue just 20 minutes into the training.  My mind kept saying, “Wow, there’s no short way to get through a 1 hour and 45 min workout!”


As the anxiety started to build, my mind began to search for a way to get by. Random memories, ideas, and phrases bounced around. Then, a word came to me that made it all stop: Frictionless.


The rest of the week lead to a constant focus of, “What’s the next insight for becoming frictionless?”

  • How do I position my body when swimming to cut through the water more easily and maximize the volume of each stroke?
  • What’s the optimal placement of my feet and body on the bike to best transfer my leg strength into the peddles?  
  • How do I make my running form more flowing instead of pounding of feet?
  • What food and drink is best for absorbing all of the nutrients I need without making my body work unnecessarily hard?
  • What times of the day are best to consume calories in order to refuel the engine?


I feel like I found a missing ingredient last week for being successful. Although it was not pretty at times, I did get through all of my workouts. The most beneficial part of it all was that each workout lead to another opportunity to innovate and find a way to endure.


Here’s this week’s workout:


Monday: Swim 10 x 100m; Core Strength Training

Tuesday: Brick Workout – Bike 60 min, Run 45 min, 10 Chin-ups/50 Pushups

Wednesday: Swim 5 x 400m; Bike 1.5 hrs

Thursday: Core Strength Training; Long Stretch

Friday: Bike 2.5 hrs

Saturday: Run 80 min

Sunday: Stretch; Bike Ride w/Girls



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