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"Two Simple Words: OWN IT!"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018



“Yeah… You see that look in their eyes? When we fought, I trained hard but I didn’t have that look in my eyes. You had it, and you won.

You gotta get that look back, Rock. Eye of the tiger, eye of the tiger.

Come on, let’s go…”


--Carl Weathers as Apollo in “Rocky III”

To see video, click here



So, do you have that look in your eyes? You know, the one where you walk into a room and people see you as the one person who knows how to fight and win? They sense your resolve, your grit, your sense of duty toward serving something bigger than yourself. They experience that passion behind all of your actions and wonder where is it all coming from? Those watching, see you as absolutely fearless about the road ahead, not because you’re perfect, but because you’ve had your “steel” tested before and learned how to endure. Yeah… That’s the look I am talking about.


This is what we’re striving for in the Hero’s Journey: Getting that look and everything that goes with it. And it all starts with two simple words: Own It! Own your dreams, own your goals, own your action plan, own the 1,440 minutes in every single, God given day so nothing stops you from living your purpose. Make your choices, take your chances, and live with all of the consequences that result.


Personally, I have (5) life long goals that are tied to my dream list. Below is one of those goals associated with the creation and growth of Freedom’s Light Charity Program. It’s my way of staying connected with my fellow servicemen and remaining worthy of their sacrifice.


Goal:   Grow readership and donations for the Freedom’s Light Charity Program and become a Top 10 Finisher in the 70.3 Mile Westchester Toughman


Objectives: Over the next 20 weeks, I will:


  • Follow a training program that develops me holistically: Mind, Body, and Spirit


  • Seek opportunities to support military, first responders, and children impacted by the Global War on Terror as a way to invest back into the nation


  • Dedicate 1 full day each week to my daughters, helping them see their natural gifts and encouraging them to live balanced, healthy lives


  • Write weekly journals to inspire others to pursue their dreams and leave important letters for my daughters to read someday.


So, do you have a dream list and a set of personal goals? What about some short-term objectives and an action plan to get there? If you don’t, then I suggest you “own it” today. Do it now, before something enters your life and decides to “own” you!


Until next week…


God Bless,





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Letters From Your Father –

Belief # 1: Existence of a Personal God



“I have a dream, a fantasy

To help me through, reality

And my destination, makes it worth the while

Pushing through the darkness, still another mile


I believe in angels, something good in everything I see

I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me


I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream…”



Abba singing “I Have a Dream”

To listen and watch video, click here

Dear Girls:


As a continuation from last week’s note, let’s start with my most fundamental belief. Here’s the rock that all things stand upon: 


I believe one God, the Father Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth, all things visible and invisible. I believe God is a “Personal God” who cares deeply about us, is involved with our lives, and knows every detail about what we do. I believe that God has given us a specific purpose and, on most occasions, the freewill to reject that purpose.


Just as we can choose good over evil as a path for our lives, I believe there are angels both blessed and fallen all around us. I believe in Jesus, the Son of God, as one who sacrificed himself on the cross to bring us the good news of everlasting life. I also believe in the Holy Spirit and believe it is in every living thing around us. It’s by this Holy Spirit and the light within all of us, that we have the opportunity to experience God first-hand. Finally, I believe that our human nature has made our relationship with God and each other unnecessarily complicated. That is why I am a follower of spirit instead of rules. I generally do not care what a person’s faith is as long as I sense the spirit of good will within them. Wherever love is present, I know God is there too.


I realize this core description of my faith begs the question, “Dad, if God is a ‘Personal God’ why does God let horrible things happen? The truth is that I have no intellectual or theological explanation that seems very comforting. However, what I can offer to you is insight on what to do next.


When horrible things happen, double-down on love.


What I mean by this expression is that the first thing I want you to do when something horrible happens is to find the people you are closest with in your life, make sure they are safe, and tell them how much you love them. Next, break the malaise by doing some small, sustainable acts of kindness in order to make something positive happen. Finally, express your support directly to others. Even if it’s just writing a note, organizing a group for care packages, or simply standing there in silence with the person or family most impacted. If you are the one going through the horrible ordeal, pray for courage, strength, and guidance. Accept people’s kindness and seek to address those things that trouble you before your final day.


For today, let me leave you with this last important point. Faith is an individual journey that is deeply personal. That is why I am not critical of other faiths nor do I celebrate my own faith as being “the only way.” Your faith starts by listening and opening yourself up to possibilities. Over time, that faith is refined through the balance of experience, scripture, and conscience. No matter how busy you are or how challenging life gets, it is critically important that you spend time reflecting on what you have learned and developing your own faith. The more you work at it, the more you will experience that sense of inner calm and peace for living your purpose. You will be a better parent, leader, and person as a result.


Hope you keep reading…


Love You Forever,





This Week in Training:


I am still recovering a bit from the Spartan Race, so I had to cut my 60 min run short and cancel my 2 hour bike ride last weekend. It’s taking me a little longer to recover.


That stated, I am not worried at all. The nice thing about triathlon is that you can focus on other aspects of the training like swimming, nutrition, and flexibility with the same tenacity to not skip a beat. If there is one element of mental toughness I feel I am gaining from this, it’s learning agility: Know the desired outcome. Make a plan. Try it out. Learn, adapt, and overcome. When you stop learning, you start doing things that will undermine your success in the long run.


Here’s this week’s schedule:


Monday: Swim 10 x 100m; Strength Training: Knees, Hips, & Legs

Tuesday: Brick Workout – Bike 60 min, Run 45 min, 10 Chin-ups/50 Pushups

Wednesday: Swim 6 x 300m; Bike 1.5 hrs

Thursday: Long Stretch, Core strength training

Friday: Run 70 min

Saturday: Bike 2.25 hrs

Sunday: Stretch, 1-Mile Run with Girls



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