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"70.3 Mile TOUGHMAN & TOUGHKids Results"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018



“Victory does not come to the strongest or the fastest. It comes to the one who decides that failure is not an option”   --Marine Corps Proverb



First, the bad news… Based on preliminary results, I finished 22nd in the Clydesdale Division. Goal was to be in the Top 10. Break down of results are as follows:


Event              2011               2012               Difference

Swim              43:24              30:25              -12:59

TZ1                 6:46                3:18                -03:38

Bike                3:39:26          3:24:50          -14:24

TZ 2                8:46                5:18                -03:28

Run                2:22:00          2:56:28          +33:32


Total               7:00:20          7:00:18          -00:02


Clearly, I had a bad experience on the run. The one “silver lining” is that nothing ends here. Today only increases my resolve for figuring out what I will do differently in the off-season and come out blazing next year. In the spirit of the Marine Corps proverb above, “victory” will come as long as I keep pressing on. I know I will find a way. Looking at the swim and bike results, I can see that I have built a solid foundation to springboard from in 2013. The journey continues.


Now, for the great news… CONGRATULATIONS goes to my daughters Elizabeth and Lauren who successfully completed their TOUGHKids race on Saturday. In our last weeks of practicing, I asked them to decide whether they wanted to compete separately or stay together during the whole race. Below is the picture of the 2 of them crossing the finish line. It made Mom and Dad very proud.


Girls: Congratulations! As the saying goes, you are now TOUGHKIDS! And no one can ever take that away from you!!


Thank you for all of your encouragement, support, and donations to our 5 Freedom’s Light charities. If you would still like to donate, let me know. Stay in touch and most of all…


God Bless,