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"I'll Train You!"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018




“Look, man… When you beat me, I hurt all over. I didn’t want to hear nothing from no one, not even my kids… Hell, every fighter knows that hurt. And we get sick inside trying to cope with it, so don’t back off now.  Make it right for yourself, or you will be sorry that you didn't.”


--Carl Weathers as Apollo in “Rocky III”

To see video, click here


Have you ever been beaten? I know… It’s a loaded question. Beaten can mean a few things: from a simple “pick-up” game with friends, to a job promotion at work, to even a more literal translation of being beaten physically, mentally, or spiritually.


Whatever your frame of reference, odds are you probably responded with “yes.” And for some of you, there may have been an event that was so shocking that along the way you stopped believing in many of the things that were foundational in your life. At best, things got confusing. At worst, you “checked out” acting like you don’t remember or perhaps even like you don’t care.


If you find yourself in this state, then here’s my offer to you. I’ll train you! I’ll train you to search deep down inside for what it is that you want and fight like hell to go get it.


Here’s the first step. Get a blank sheet of paper and stare at for a few moments. Thinking inwardly, ask yourself, what’s missing in my life? Don’t filter! Just write down short phrases that come to mind.


Now, pick the one thing you want to work on that is calling you.   Decide what major leap forward you want to make over the next 20 weeks to get on your way. Finally, summarize it in a simple sentence that starts with, “Over the next 20 weeks I will…”


As we move forward, we’ll clarify this into an action plan. But for now, just do this first step. Know that during the weeks ahead, I am going to take you on a journey back in time to what I’ll call “decision points.” These are the key moments that shape how you see things today. The difference is that we are not going back there to simply relive the glory days or the pain. Instead, we’re on a rescue mission. We’re going back there to pull forward all of those important lessons that we forgot to carry with us into the present. These memories or missing ingredients will be used to help reignite that fire deep inside and bring parts of you back to life.


Curious? If so, keep reading. Over next few weeks it will all start to make sense.


Memorial Day Message is next week. Until then…


God Bless,





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