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"2012 Kickoff: We Can Rebuild Him..."

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018

DESTINATION TOUGHMAN:  118 Days Until Race Day

"We can rebuild him. We have the technology…”


--Introduction to the Six Million Dollar Man

To see video, click here



Welcome back! I’m Patrick Curran, founder and author for the Freedom’s Light Charity Program. Since 2008, I’ve been running endurance races, writing journals, and inspiring readers to invest back into the nation by donating to Fisher House, Tuesday’s Children, Wounded Warrior Project, Children of Fallen Patriots, and the USO’s Operation Care Package.


During the offseason, I spent most of my training time under the excellent care of Chad, Alison, and Carla at the Madison Spine & Physical Therapy Center. They worked closely with me to strengthen my knees and hips in order to recuperate from last year’s injuries. As I made progress in December and January, I could not help to remember the TV show called the “Six Million Dollar Man.” With each appointment, I was excited to get to the center and work on becoming better, stronger, faster.


By early February, I must have watched the video clip highlighted above about 50 times. The meaning behind the clip transformed from being a silly way to get myself motivated to becoming about a person who was literally on top of the world, crashes and burns, and creates a new path for doing something extraordinary.  


This, my friends, brings us to the next phase of the “Hero’s Journey” story I started writing about in 2011. It’s that place where we must continue to strengthen our inner core of self-trust to keep that spark alive and additionally begin selecting a few people or causes to dedicate ourselves to in order to grow in our ability for being trustworthy. Next week, we continue our pre-season preparations by recommitting to and owning our dreams, goals, and objectives. This will put us in position to launch our action plans on the week of the D-Day Anniversary in early June.


Looking forward to another great season! If you have any questions or comments about planning your own “Hero’s Journey,” let me know at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . It was a blast hearing from a few folks last year who took the journey alongside me.


God Bless,





Did this week’s message help you? If yes, here’s an opportunity to help other Great Americas, starting at just $25.

  • Fisher House: To donate, here
  • Tuesday’s Children   To donate, click here
  • Wounded Warrior Project: To donate, click here
  • Children of Fallen Patriots: To donate, click here,
  • USO’s Operation Care Package:  To donate, click here



Updates to the Freedom’s Light Charity Program

In the spirit of continuous improvement, I’ve made a few changes to the website, newsletters, and program. The intent is to maximize the reader experience and strengthen the program’s overall effectiveness.

Website: There are new videos on the homepage that represent some of the topics I will write about in 2012. Underneath the video library, there is a “Donate Now” feature that allows you to quickly choose any/all of the charities you wish to donate to. In the Pat’s Journal section, I’ve listed all previous journal entries by year on the left side of the page. Each year has a different theme. For 2012, the theme will be titled “Decision Points.”

Destination Toughman - My Single Training Focus: Starting in June, I will open each newsletter with powerful, motivational message in this section and outline my workout plan for the week later in the newsletter. The section ends with “quick links” for donating. This charity season I start with a single goal in mind: Be a top 10 Finisher for the Clydesdale Division (over 200 lbs) at the Westchester Toughman. The journey to this destination acts as a source for all of my writing.

New Section - Letters from Your Father: This is a new section within the newsletter that I will begin to publish in early June. The sole purpose is to leave some thoughtful notes/lessons for my girls to consider as they form their own values and beliefs in the years to come.

Races and Donations: Currently on the calendar, I have the NYC and West Point Triathlons as “training races” on the way toward the main event at the Westchester    A person can donate at anytime, but the official “Call to Action” for donations will be in late August through early September just before my 70.3 Mile Toughman race.

Publishing of Newsletters: In previous years, the Freedom’s Light Newsletter has been distributed primarily through email to approximately 350 people. Since publishing our website 2 years ago, readership expanded further with our homepage now registering well over 42,000 hits.    Going into 2012, we will take another big leap, posting weekly newsletters through various social medial networks I participate in that, when combined, reach well over 10,000 readers mostly in NY, NJ, PA, and CT. If you are business owner who would like to donate to any of the 5 charities listed, Freedom’s Light will promote your business on our homepage and weekly newsletters that will be featured to this expanded audience. For more information, please contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Introducing American Business Strategies: Over the past 4 years, I have received an increasing number of requests from returning veterans asking for my help with transitioning into the civilian workforce. Admittedly, I was not equipped to help with anything more than a good “pep talk” until now.  This year, I am proud to announce the launch of American Business Strategies, a certified veteran owned small business registered with the US Veterans Administration. Our mission is simple: Serve the American Entrepreneur. Our services include career and business development workshops, executive coaching, and customized consulting support through our network of strategic partners. We support veterans and business owners who value our unique blend of business experience and leadership skills taught by the United States Military Academy at West Point. To learn more, visit www.absinsights.com.


My hope is that these improvements further help readers, charity organizations, business donors, and returning veterans alike. Please take a moment to review our list of Freedom’s Light Sponsors below and think of them if you are in need of any of their services.