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"You're Ready... Now We Fight!!"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018


For the last 8 weeks, I’ve taught you everything you need to know about building self-trust. Now, we are at a pivot point… it is time to fight!



Motivational Message:


“No retreat, no surrender.  That is Spartan Law.  And by Spartan Law we will stand, and fight, and die.  A new age has begun.  An age of freedom!  And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend it!!!”

Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in the movie “300”

To view “300” trailer, click here



Let’s start with a simple fact: You are ready. At this point, much of the work you’ve struggled with 8 weeks ago has become routine. Because you have been working so hard and have been very honest with yourself, you have a great feel for your strengths and weaknesses. You know how to avoid “threats” that can throw you off as well as seize opportunities for doing something really big in the future.


So then, what’s left? What’s slowing you down? It’s simple. It’s now time to stop obsessing about your weaknesses and your risks of failure. Instead, you must obsess about all of your strengths and opportunities ahead that can actually catapult you much further than you ever thought possible! You need to leverage all of this, so that you can use every fiber in your “being” just short of dying to achieve your goal! Let me explain a little bit more.


As stated in the past, your brain is sensory organ. That means you must allow all of it, thinking and intuition, to sense the world around you and inform you of any risks that may emerge. Next, identify your top 5 fears and build contingency plans to detect and address them, if they surface. By relying on your ability to sense and adapt, you now put your mind more at ease so it can focus on responding to those things that are totally unexpected and out of your control.  


Once this planning is accomplished, then… WE FIGHT! And I don’t mean try hard… I mean fight like hell!! At this moment, grab a piece of paper and write down every strength you can think of about yourself. The list should be long. Start with what you’ve learned in your childhood. Continue with some examples on how you overcame adversity as you got older. Don’t forget to identify some of your true acts of compassion that you have shown others along the way. Read this list out loud so all of your senses can absorb it. Now, during every workout, every meeting, every moment over the next 4 weeks, live all of those great attributes so others can experience them. Treat this as a game of inches. With every second you get, focus on living to the absolute best of your character. Yes, I know… This challenge seems a little bit much, but if you are reading this, I know that you are no stranger to hard work. Also, I know you will find a way to make it happen and get it done.


To close, I want you to know that by doing all that you’ve been doing since May, you are engaging in a development model that is followed by many within our Armed Services. Why is this important to note? Although no one is asking you to risk you life in service to the nation (unless you are service member reading this), it’s important for me to point out how closely you are aligned with this special class of Americans. This is how they develop leaders of character at all ranks and all levels of influence. There really is no great secret or anything overly complex about it. It just takes focus, guts, a conscience, and a heck of a lot of determination – all things you have. So, keep going and be all that you can be! My greatest hope is that you not only succeed in achieving your dreams, but that you also feel connected to this very special class of Americans.


This Sunday is the NYC Triathlon. I will report back on how I did next week.


Until then…


God Bless,





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This Week’s Training Schedule


Over the past several weeks, I’ve received emails asking me, “What exactly is the ‘300’ Workout?” To explain the workout requires me to tell a story.


In February, Peter Roma and Patrick Kennedy issued me a challenge. Every Friday, meet them at the YMCA weight room at 5:30 am to a complete a workout deigned by Men’s Fitness Magazine for the actors of “300.” The goal is to do the full circuit of 7 challenging exercises in the least amount of time required. See link below for quick overview.



Back then, I laughed! It starts with 25 pull-ups; meanwhile, I could only do 2 chin-ups and then needed a break before doing the next one. Jumping up to grab the bar did not seem like a good idea either. Then I had to transition to all of the exercises in between without break which included (50) 24” box jumps! My knees would never take that!! Finally, the workout ends with another 25 pull-ups.


The number of excuses for not trying came from everywhere. I thought about my age (which really is no excuse at 36-37), to past injuries, to my weight which was a “solid” 270lbs at the time. Both Pete and Patrick were extremely lean and fit and I… Well, I was just built differently.


Needless to say, it did not take me too long to realize that I was fearing failure. So I went online and bought a “300” movie T-Shirt for the dual purpose of comic relief and making a commitment not to quit. Next, I met Pete and Patrick at the gym that next Friday to give it my all. Did I know it was going to be miserable and absolutely shatter some of the positive perceptions I had about myself after doing Marine Corps Marathon a few months earlier? YES.   But did I need to listen to that voice inside me that knew that something like this was exactly what I needed to do in the off-season. ABSOLUTELY.


I’m not going over-play how successful I am in doing this workout. The first time I did it, it took me over 58 minutes. Patrick and Pete do it in about 25 minutes. The best time I’ve achieved in completing this came in late April when I improved to approximately 31 min with chin-ups being the only modification (instead of pull-ups). But then, came the injuries!! Both knees, right hip, right shoulder, left elbow. These were mistakes that I am still paying for today. But you know something? I’m glad it happened this way.


Clearly I still needed to learn a lesson on patience which I’ve passed on through my journal entries to you and my daughters. What I learned was that the mind sometimes desires to be something that nature needs a little more time to adapt to. Allow nature to do it for you without your effort, nothing likely happens. Try too hard without respecting everything around you, then nature gets even through its natural laws!! It was through this experience I was reminded to eliminate the noise of fear/unrealistic expectations and instead sense the world around me in order to adapt and make sustainable progress.


Currently, I strive to complete a modified version of the “300 Workout” twice a week in addition to the recommend triathlon training routine. The modifications now are that I still do chin-ups (can start with 10 without a break instead of just 2) and box jumps which are now up to 12” instead of the full 24”.


So, to Pete and Patrick, “THANK YOU!” You challenge has brought the best out of me. I’ve kept my focus with this incredibly difficult strength training routine because at the end of the day it exercises everything: Mind-Body-Spirit.




Below is my workout plan for the week. Family always comes first, so I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off until we bring our new daughter, Julia, home. The rest of the week is intended be challenging.


I do not intend to do any “easy days” before Sunday’s NYC Triathlon. My expectations have adapted to making the race an “enhanced training day” of a 1 mile swim in the Hudson, 26 mile bike on the Westside Highway, and 6.2 mile run around Central Park.


Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Clydesdale Run - 11 miles

Thursday: Swim 2 X 800m / Bike 35 miles / “300 Workout”

Friday: Bike 65 miles / Clydesdale Run - 4 miles

Saturday: Swim 12 x 20m ; 10 x 50m / “300 Workout”

Sunday: NYC Triathlon – Swim 1mile / Bike 26 miles / Run 6.2 miles