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"Superpower 3: Own the Night"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018


We are now entering Week 8 where we’ve gone through enough to appreciate this third superpower for our 2011 journey. It’s one that became crystal clear after watching my two girls (6 and 7 years old) react when hearing one of their favorite songs. In short, it’s the belief that you can “own the night.”


Motivational Message:


“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag,

Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?


Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin,

Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel already buried deep,

Six feet under screaming, but no one seems to hear a thing?


Do you know that there’s still a chance for you,

Cause there’s a spark in you.


And you just gotta ignite… the light… and let it shine,

Just own the night, like the Fourth of July…


Cause baby you’re a firework!


Come on show’em what you’re worth…


Make ‘em go “Oh, oh, oh!”

You’re gonna leave ‘em fallin’ down-own-own.



Katy Perry singing the song “Firework

To view video, click here


It is a Sunday in March of 2011. Gina is out tutoring, the girls are in the other room playing, and I am searching for some creative ideas for future journal entries during the upcoming Freedom’s Light Fundraising Season. In front of me are my computer and some notes sketched out on paper that I jotted down after many workouts last season.


While scanning YouTube for different movie clips and videos, I see the song from Katy Perry called “Firework.” I think to myself, “Over 16 million hits… Impressive. Let’s take a look.” As the video plays, I hear two sets of footsteps come running down the hallway toward me.


Within seconds, Lauren is standing to my left in the chair staring at the screen. To my right is Elizabeth, whose left arm is interlocked with mine. Then, Katy Perry starts singing the song which cue’s Lauren to do the same. Elizabeth on the other hand, stares even harder at the screen, pulling me tighter and squeezing my right bicep.


Now, I am starting to tune into the words. The first phrase that I hear is “There’s still a chance for you, cause there’s a spark in you… And you just gotta ignite… the light… and let it shine. Just own the night, like the Fourth of July…” Then suddenly both of my girls erupt to the main chorus: Cause baby you’re a firework…


After listening for a few seconds I think to myself, “Holy Smoke! This is pretty intense.” Next my mind goes back a few steps to the phrase “just own the night.” I can’t help to think of my military training leading teams during night operations conducting raids, recons, and ambushes. Sometimes we would be in the jungle, other times in wooded areas, and still other times we would be blowing down doors and clearing rooms of “bad guys” in urban terrain. Back then “owning the night” meant that while others ran away, it was our job to go forward usually at the most unexpected moment and neutralize the threat. Smiling, I next think, well I guess not much has changed for me in principle. Isn’t ”owning the night” exactly what parents are supposed to be doing for their children, at least for a little while?

As I regain my focus, I see my girls are still singing. Clearly they identify with the words and the video. And at this point, so do I. It’s a very happy moment for me. You see, I want my girls to grow to face their fears and say, “You can’t break me because I will find a way. Before long, I will own the night!” Just to hear them sing with so much passion and conviction, I know that they both have made the leap to believing. Why is this so important? It’s because discovery of this inner spark is an important first step.  This light illuminates from the fundamental core of our being and is the pathway to the Kingdom of God. That’s where our true strength resides. That’s where we find a way to endure. And, that's where I want them to look when I am gone.  Is there any more important insight I can give them at this stage?


Anyway, just something to think about as we reach the 2/3 point in our journey. If you haven’t done so already, dig deep, rediscover that light, and press on. Go forth and own the night!  


Until next week…


God Bless,





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This Week’s Training Schedule

I was able to keep with my routine for the most part from Monday – Friday last week. This included an 11+ mile run followed by a lot of stretching and ice. Instincts told me to take the weekend off and not do the 3 ½ hour bike followed by the 35 min run. I am itching to go, but know the joints could use the break.


As a result, I am really fired up to dive into this week. This week is a recovery week; however, it still looks pretty significant. One additional feature is that I am adding another day of strength training through an additional “300 Workout.” More on that next week… Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday: 10 x 100m Swim / “300 Workout” / Elliptical Runner 45 min

Tuesday: Bike 60 min / Run 30 min

Wednesday: Swim 2600m (65 laps) straight / Bike 90 min

Thursday: Swim 10 x 50m / “The 300 Workout”

Friday: Run 60 min

Saturday: Bike 2 hrs

Sunday: Swimming and Soccer with Girls