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"Superpower 2: Reliance on the Human Spirit"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018


Last week I wrote about our first and most important superpower: How to Save a Life. In short, it’s an act of love that commits you to someone you deeply care about. Now let’s move on to Superpower 2: Reliance on the Human Spirit.



Motivational Message:


“You’re telling me we can only give our guys 45 hours??? That brings them to about there (noting the gap between the Apollo 13 Spacecraft and Earth on the blackboard). Gentleman, that’s unacceptable…


I want this mark all the way to Earth with time to spare… We never lost an American in Space, and we’re sure hell aren’t going to lose one on my watch…


Failure is not an option!”



Ed Harris playing Gene Kranz in the movie “Apollo 13”

To view video, click here


So, you’ve taken the brave step to invest in yourself or even perhaps someone close to you. Now what? The road ahead looks daunting and right now you don’t have all of the answers. Hey, no worries…Here’s the next step needed to break out of the boundaries created between your two ears. Here’s how you enter the realm of untapped possibilities.


First, clear you mind. How you clear your mind is based on your personality and situation. For example, when I’m alone, I sometimes clear my head through some breathing techniques, reflective prayer, or talking with God. Other times when in the depths of some crisis where decisions need to be made immediately, I control all of the random, fearful thoughts in my head by saying, “Alright people, now just shut the hell up!” (For some reason, thinking that makes me chuckle under high stress). Bottom line: Clear your head the best way you know how. Just ensure that you do it in a way that brings you calmness all the way down to your core.   


Next, in that brief space of silence and calm, break everything down to its simplest form. For example, I tell myself, “OK. There’s only 2 ways to fail: Quit or Die. I’m not planning to do either today, so what are the real risks and what can be done right now to make things start going my way?”


You’re going to find that once you take these 2 steps, you will transition from being limited by your “thinking” to tapping into the full power of your human spirit. You see, the human spirit not only leverages your ability to think, it also provides access to your creativity, your ability to adapt, and perhaps even those things that are best explained through one’s individual faith. You’ll know you’ve truly crossed over to reliance on spirit to guide you because many of the risks you’ve identified earlier suddenly disappear because they were actually overblown fears in your head. Then ideas (some great, some not so great) start to come to you from the most unlikely places providing new possibilities. This leaves you with a few main issues that you either manage or eliminate on your way to your goal. Sounds pretty straight forward? Well, hang on… I’m not done. When it comes to leveraging your human spirit, I want you to be even sharper.


Here’s the leap I want you to take from this week’s message: Instead of seeing your brain solely as a “thinking” organ, develop it as one that fully “senses” the world around you. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the best-selling book, Blink - The Power of Thinking Without Thinking provides compelling examples demonstrating how parts of the brain can actually sense problems and generate solutions far faster than our ability to articulate them into clear thoughts or words. As a result, those who cannot read their brain’s impulses correctly or rely heavily on concrete evidence are significantly slower to respond to challenges as compared to others. Why do I mention this? Because, I want to give you something additional to reflect on as you begin developing yourself in this space of owning the problem and relying on your spirit to find ways to succeed. More on this topic will be written in future Freedom’s Light journals. For now, just keep in “mind” that intelligence alone is not enough. In fact, over-reliance on intelligence can lead to slower, poorer, and sometimes even darker decisions.  


So for now, let me leave you with this. Take a moment to listen to the first 75 seconds of this video interviewing the engineers who established NASA’s Mission Control (click here). These are the folks that committed themselves to getting the first Americans into Space and bringing them back home safely (Superpower 1). Look at their eyes. Listen to the tone of their voices. Watch their body language. I think Gene Kranz said it best by stating, “You cannot operate in this room unless you believe you are Superman and whatever happens, you are capable of solving the problem.”


Can this be you? I think you know the answer: It’s time. It’s time stop waiting for Superman and start believing that you are Superman. Allow your full strength to emerge by not just thinking, but sensing, believing, and being. Breakdown all unnecessary boundaries… Start seeing a world of endless possibilities. That’s the idea that propelled this country to greatness. That’s the belief you must have in yourself if you want to achieve your big dreams.


Keep going on your plans. Until next week…


God Bless,





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This Week’s Training Schedule

It’s been a good week. Friday, I completed a 10+ mile run in 90 minutes. Listening to my body, I switched my rest day to Saturday and on Sunday biked 3 hours then jogged 20 min. How did I do it with a recovering left knee? Again I go back to this week’s note. I simply decide that failing is not an option and open myself to a world of possibilities to find a way to achieve the goal.


To survive each workout from this point forward, I have to rely heavily on my ability to leverage my mind a sensory organ that informs me how to most effectively proceed.  Yes, I do plan my workouts, but I open myself to adapting quickly as soon as I sense “conditions on the ground” have changed. Like this last week, I walked away from 60 min run on Tuesday with only 21 minutes complete because I knew something was wrong. If I let my ego override this message I could not articulate, then the signal would have quickly turned into pain. That’s the difference between a 1-day setback and a 1-week set back!


Anyway, here’s this week’s workout. I’m in Week 7 of 14. Time and distance continues to increase. The challenge of understanding my impulses and detecting the difference between natural strain and potential injury at a “blink of an eye” are increasingly critical.

Monday: 15 x 100m Swim / 300 Workout / Elliptical Runner 20 min

Tuesday: Bike 90 min / Run 60 min

Wednesday: Swim 12 x 200m / Bike 90 min

Thursday: Swim 20 x 40m / “The 300 Workout”

Friday: Run 1hr 45 min

Saturday: Bike 3.5 hrs / Run 30 min

Sunday: Track Run and Swimming with Girls