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"SBR Triathlon - We're On A Mission From God!"

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Written by Pat Curran

Posted on 17 January 2018

Last Updated 17 January 2018

Motivational Message:

“Well, you see… Me and the Lord, we have an understanding...”

“We’re on a mission from God”

Jake and Elwood Blues from “The Blues Brothers”

To view video, click here

In the movie “The Blues Brothers” two of the most imperfect people in the world, Jake and Elwood Blues, are given a task to complete in order to redeem their souls: Raise $5000 in 11 days for a charity without ripping someone off. Even with some of the worst (but funniest) choices any pair of human beings could make, they keep going. Why? Simple... They’re on a mission from God. And by aligning their focus toward something much larger than themselves, they achieve their goal.

Last week, I decided to follow a lesson from both Jake and Elwood Blues. Even though I officially started my training on June 6th, I decided to throw myself into the competitive environment by participating in the SBR “Sprint Triathlon” last Saturday. And when things got tough, I told myself, “Hey, suck it up… You’re on a mission from God.” A quick smile from laughing at myself made the rough spots easier to deal with.   

So my question for you this week is “What’s your phrase?” If you don’t have one, then I suggest creating one immediately! Select a phrase that seems bigger than you and will make you “laser focused” on what matters when times get tough on your journey. And, just as important, get out there and push through your action plan. The worst thing you can do during these 12 weeks is to wait until you’re a little more organized or a little more perfect. Don’t fall for that trap… Get out there now! Sense, adapt, and start overcoming your fears.

See you next week!

God Bless,




Bonus Clips:

To view Blues Brothers (Full Trailer), click here

To view Blues Brothers at Charity Concert, click here


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This Week’s Training Schedule

The SBR Triathlon held at Lake Sebago gave me the opportunity to test myself through a ½ mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. By giving it my all, I found that I improved my time from 2:04 minutes last year to approximately 1:46. The greatest part about the race this year was that it all was a blur. To me, that means that I spent more time in the moment “being” instead of feeling overwhelmed by “thinking.” A few of my learnings include:

  • Swim: Play fair but never expect others to do the same. During the swim, someone purposely pulled my shoulder back in order to pass me about 300 meters into the race. Additionally, I was kicked in the chin. For a brief moment I lost my focus. Luckily I suppressed my desire to give him a “bear hug” and make him drink a little extra lake water. Lesson - Never forget that the greedy and less talented always cheat whenever they can. Be prepared for that and stay focused on the goal. Treat their actions for what it truly represents: Noise before their defeat.


  • Bike: Remember that it’s your race. Don’t let others entice you to go at an unsustainable speed, especially when they are using high tech equipment like $10K-$15K bikes, helmets, etc. I let that happen today and felt weak going up the last 2 hills on the bike and during the early stages of the run.


  • Run: I had to limp for the first ½ mile because my left leg was only about 80% load-bearing. I think it was because of a very hard bike ride. Fortunately, I was not in any serious pain. I made the right choice by not quitting and letting it pass through patience and a sense of humor. It worked! I was able to pick up speed significantly after Mile 1 and ran about an 8min / mile pace afterward (typically I shoot for 9 min / mile pace during races).


From my standpoint, mostly the “die-hard competitors” came out on Saturday morning. Not only was it early in the season but it was also rainy. Among us was the 2007/2010 Ironman World Champion. I did not see many Clydesdales (over 200lbs) out there like me. So, I’m glad I had an opportunity to compete and test myself with such a competitive bunch. I learned a lot and am already making adjustments to my 14 week training plan to bring out the best in me. Anyway, here’s this week’s training plan at a glance.


Monday: Strength Training: “The 300 Workout” / Swim 10 x 40 m

Tuesday: Bike 60 min / Run 45 min

Wednesday:  Swim 5 x 400m / Bike 90 min (modified)

Thursday: Swim 10 x 100m / Elliptical Runner 20 min

Friday:  Run 70 min

Saturday: Bike 2 hrs 15 min

Sunday: Pilates / Run with Kids / Swimming