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Dedication Wall

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Last Updated 22 February 2018

Welcome to the Freedom’s Light Dedication Wall. Below are dedications and inspiring messages intended to pay respect to those serving, have served as a first responder or for a person who just is inspired to give back. There is no real structure to this other than speaking from the heart.





Matt Mezydlo 05 April 2013
Dedicated to all my 4 WTC / Deutsche Bank co-workers that have perished on 9/11...may you rest in peace.
Elizabeth Curran 09 September 2012
Good luck daddy in your race today. We love you!!!!
Elizabeth, Lauren & Julia
nanci perruna 10 November 2011
Phil is in a better place and he is proud what he did for his country. Phil will be remember at Saint Gregory Barbarigo Church in Garnerville,NY.
nanci perruna 10 November 2011
I want to wish everyone a Great Happy Thanksgiving. It's a great time for family and friends to spend time together. I really enjoy that day for I was born on Thanksgiving Day. I do enjoy giving to others and Thanks to all of you soldiers who fought for our country. God Bless All of you!
Stephen Peterson 12 July 2011
Walked through Arlington Cemetary with my family over the 4th of July weekend. It was a much different experience than in 1992 and 1996. Julie and I walked through Section 60 and emotions pelted me like bricks. My heart was lost with the families of my friends: Ian Weikel, Matt August, Dennis Pintor, Gavin Reinke, Russ Rippatoe, and Tim Roarke. I could only think that God takes only the best like Enoch on an early arrival. Keep those families in your prayers both now and always!
Jon Richter 02 June 2011
Just a note of thanks and encouragement to all those that serve, their families back home and to all the brave first responders who selflessly help when tragedy strikes. You are the heart and soul of what makes us great. You are the guardian angels. Thank you for all that you do.
Richard OPrey 04 April 2011
Congratulations on your kindness and thoughtfulness. The leadership you displayed at Don Bosco camp appears evident to this day. I am proud to have known you and pleased that I have learned about this current activity. I am also relieved to read the name of Phil Esposito and his connection with this website. At the moment, I can only offer prayers of support, but I shall enter this into favorite places and perhaps at some future date I can do more materially.
Mike S 14 March 2011
Keep up the good work! I want to thank the family members of wounded/disabled vets.
Sarah 23 November 2010
Thank you to everyone who ensures peace behind the scenes. I know that the news doesn't highlight these people and the work they do often goes unnoticed. So here is my thank you for keeping the world running on a smooth even keel even as countries like North Korea are trying to provoke others.
Pat West 25 June 2010
Brothers I have personally known who have lost their lives while in the service of their Country.

Gone but not Forgotten.

CPT Clifford Patterson
1LT Curt Sansoucie
1LT Spencer D. Dodge
SSG Norman Tillman

May God bless and protect their wives, children, parents, and friends.
Liz Curran 02 June 2010
This is just a note to thank all those who serve to protect our freedom and in turn my children and family. I can't say that I fully understand all the sacrifices you make but I can say that I greatly appreciate the results. My family and I pray for you every night.
Brad Bateman 24 May 2010
Thinking of my friend and coach, Dan Trant, who lost his life on Sept 11th while in one of the towers. My thoughts go out to his family, his 3 children, and to all of the first responders who attempted to reach him, but who also perished on that tragic day...
Patrick Curran 18 May 2010
This site is dedicated to Phil Esposito, fellow West Point graduate and friend. Phil died in Iraq serving his country honorably on June 8, 2005. You continue to inspire after death. Be Thou At Peace!