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Freedom’s Light

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Last Updated 22 February 2018

There is a special class of dedicated citizens who are fully invested in our nation’s success. Some are military members with families who fight our nation’s wars. Others are first responders who are depended upon during times of crisis. And still others are terrorist victims who seek to build a “common bond” with other terrorist victims to stop the spread of violence worldwide.

My belief is that there is a tremendous gap between these dedicated citizens and the rest of America. Many would like to see this gap closed; however, few have figured out how. The purpose of the Freedom’s Light Charity Program is to assist in doing just that: Help close the gap.

Our Focus

Pat and FamilyThe mission of the Freedom’s Light Charity Program is to serve as a central place where one can express their patriotism and love of country through charitable giving. It’s a call to action to help those who have dedicated their lives serving the nation and to those children impacted by the Global War on Terror. In return, it is our commitment to maximize the value of each donation and share some of the “life lessons” learned from this amazing group of Americans.

How the Site Works...

You can utilize the site by going to the “Our Programs” tab, to view details about a charity and donate. If you already know about the charity and want to donate, go to the “Donate Now” section of the homepage and select the organization you are interested in. The link will take you directly to their donation page.  100% of your donation goes directly to your selected charity.  Freedom's Light covers all administrative costs and does not take a single penny of your generous gift!

As an option, a visitor can utilize the "Dedication Wall" to leave a supportive message.  You do not have to donate to use this feature.  This is where you can write a short dedication or "thank you" to an individual or group for serving our country.  To me, this feature serves to motivate those involved and provides an opportunity to reflect why this country is so great.

For those interested in receiving motivational newsletters as I train for upcoming races, go to the “Join Our Newsletter” tab on the homepage to submit your name and email address. You will receive a copy of updates via email from my training journal. These journals provide more than just a simple workout plan for upcoming races.  They are attempts to share some of my life's lessons which have been greatly shaped by my interactions with military, first responders, and 9/11 victims over the years.  On some occasions you will see notes written specifically to my children in order to help guide them in the years to come. To see if this is something you are interested in, take a look at current postings at the Pat's Journal tab on the website.


Please join me in supporting America's best in their time of need. Make a difference in someone's life today!

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